About Us

After 35 years in business for himself and with more than 40 years of experience, the modest contractor lets the work quality of his 19-member crew speak for itself – and it speaks volumes. While Wes is hesitant to boast about his successes, his colleagues and customers are happy to give him accolades.

Renovations and Additions to Custom Built Waterfront Homes, customers of Wes Brennan Construction trust Wes and his crew to do an incredible job at a competitive price. In fact, the reason his business has grown so substantially over the years is due to the referrals and repeat business of his satisfied customers.

Wes believes great work begins with listening very carefully to the customer’s wants and needs at the very first meeting and doesn’t end until they are completely satisfied with the results.

“I meet and go over the plans with the clients before we work together to make sure we are compatible,” he explains. “I don’t think by the time the job is completed that I’ve had any clients who were unhappy with our work.”

Between those two points, Wes can often be found on site, working side by side with his team and overseeing the project, including dealing with the skilled trades people, to ensure it is on track, both financially and time-wise.